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Summer School

Summer School Registration
Summer School
Summer School Registration for the School District of Beloit Turner is now open. Registration will be completed electronically by completing the registration link shown here.

Summer School classes will be held at Turner High School and Turner Middle School from Thursday, June 10th - Friday, July 9th. Classes will be held Monday through Friday with no extended break for the 4th of July since the holiday falls on the weekend. The chart below indicates the number of classes a student may choose and the time frames of our classes.

The majority of our Summer School classes will be offered as in-person courses. One addition to our Summer School platform is the Sonday Reading Intervention Program. Sonday is a comprehensive multisensory reading instruction program for students reading at an elementary through 8th grade level. 
With any intervention our focus when selecting students is identifying students who are currently reading below their grade-level. This program is administered to students in small groups so we will need to identify which students would qualify for the intervention. In addition, space will be limited so we will not be able to accommodate every potential request. Students assigned to Sonday will be based on a combination of parent request, iReady Reading results, and/or teacher recommendations.

Most Sonday lessons are 35 minutes in length so families requesting their child be considered for Sonday may request Sonday plus two additional Summer School courses during the registration process. Therefore, it’s possible that students enrolled in Sonday will take three total courses during Summer School. Please know students will be pulled during one of their two Summer School courses for 35 minutes in order to complete the Sonday Reading Intervention Program. Once Sonday instruction is completed students will return to their main assigned course.
We are also exploring the possibility of offering Sonday instruction virtually. When completing the registration form families can request Sonday as an in-person or virtual option. We are considering the possibility of offering Sonday outside of our traditional Summer School times and schedule. Final decisions will be made once initial interest is determined based on the Summer School Registration Google Form.
Prior to Summer School starting on Thursday, June 10, families will receive a confirmation email informing parents/guardians of the classes their students have been assigned to. If you have any questions regarding Summer School please contact Ryan Bertelsen via email at

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