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Registration for New Students

If you do not have all of the information and required documents or approval of open enrollment, do not begin the New Student Registration Form. New Student Registration will not allow you to save your progress so once you start it you will want to complete and submit your student's registration. 

To complete New Student Registration you will need the following information and documentation. 

  • Student Information (Legal Name, Race, DOB and Birth Location, etc.) 
  • Parent and/or Guardian Information (Names, Address(es), Contact Information)
  • Two Verification of Residency Documents (click here to see required documents) OR your Student has been accepted through Open Enrollment
  • Health and Medical Information
  • Preference on Instruction Model to Start the 2021-22 School Year
  • For Students Transferring in - The School they Attended in 2020-21, Information about Special Education and other Special Programming

Click here to begin New Student Registration

Contact Phone Number
 Julie Neal (District Registrar)  1-608-364-6370 
 Heather Everson (Powers)  1-608-364-6360
 Jackie McConnell (Townview)  1-608-364-6365
 Vickie Helms (Middle School)  1-608-364-6367
 Dawn Draves (High School)  1-608-364-6370